Eight Group are proud to be an award winning independent marketing and communications provider, specialising in print, postage, creative, data, digital solutions and consultancy services to support our valued customers to achieve their marketing ambitions through best in class service and quality. 

It is the absolute policy of Eight Group to provide services that fully and consistently meet or exceed the expectations of our interested parties including our customers and the end users to ensure that services supplied are fit for purpose. 

At least annually top management review its quality policy, strategic direction and context of the organisation to set its business/QHSSE objectives, all of which is communicated, understood and applied by all staff. This policy is available to all interested parties on our website or by request.

To demonstrate, to both customers and staff, the company’s commitment to quality it is the policy of Eight Group to achieve and maintain recognition with an independent certification body as a company of assessed quality capability under the requirements of ISO9001. The requirements of this system are mandatory for all company personnel and no unauthorised alterations or deviations are permitted. 

The company have considered its external and internal issues, the requirements of relevant interested parties and our products and services to determine our scope of approval, as follows; 

Scope: The design, production and supply of printed products, fulfilment and associated services undertaken by Eight Group.

Applicability: All requirements of ISO 9001 are applicable. 

Eight Group is committed to review, determine and implement changes to the quality management system in order to satisfy applicable requirements and ensure that its effectiveness is continually improved. Our processes are assessed to mitigate risks and maximise on opportunities. 

The only way to achieve and maintain this policy is for every employee, in whatever capacity, to perform his or her work to the highest standards at all times. 

Our aim is “To have a place in tomorrow by caring for today. What we do, we do well by trying to go above and beyond to provide high quality work that delivers results for our valued customers and a sustainable business for us”. 

Lance Hill
Managing Director

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