Meet The Eight Group Team

We take pride in our small yet highly accomplished team of professionals. At under just 30 people, we have carefully curated a group of individuals with diverse skills and expertise.

Lance Hill

Chief Executive Officer - Eight Group

We’re convinced Lance may have the power to stop time based on how much he can fit into a day. Between planning and implementing the future of the Eight Group, managing the sales team, caring for customers, driving our B-Corp and sustainability goals, keeping a handle on ISO, and presenting and appearing at awards – whilst also working in the Nottingham office three days a week – it’s no wonder that Lance is the driving force behind Eight Group.

Karen Herbert

Managing Director - Eight Days

Karen is our Managing Director and our very own in-house oracle. There’s nothing Karen doesn’t know and no job she can’t turn her hand to, from quoting, to ISO reporting, to working on the shop floor. Her three decades of experience in the industry and throughout the business is evident. She manages to keep us all in check, whilst balancing the workload, customers and suppliers.

Rob Moules

Managing Director - Eight Plus

Our Managing Director – and cofounder – Rob has vast experience in all aspects of the print industry.

Tom Oldershaw

Strategic Solutions Director

Tom doesn’t just walk the marketing talk, he takes marketing strategy, innovation and relationship management in his stride. His ability to dissect and understand data to drive decisions takes his print and marketing strategies to lofty heights. Whether crafting marketing plans or navigating multi-channel strategy, Tom consistently exceeds expectations. Thrilled to be part of the journey at Eight Group, Tom’s poised to drive growth and innovation every step of the way.

Karena Taylor

Marketing Strategist

Karena is a firecracker who brings a shedload of experience to the table through her dual role across sales and marketing. This bright spark is the brains behind some of our award-winning direct mail campaigns, having created the content and briefed the design through to data segmentation and implementation. No matter your project, from start to finish you’ll be in safe, capable hands.

Andy Clyde

Technical Director

Technical Director, Andy is a whizz when it comes to colour management and proofing.

Stefan Mills

Sales Manager

Stefan certainly gets our vote when it comes to targeted boundary mapping in the UK with addressed Mail and door drops. With firm bearings on targeting council and constituency areas as well as supporting commercial brands, Stefan can give clear direction to pinpoint the best routes ahead. With a Royal Mail background underpinning his expert knowledge your next campaign will be navigated swiftly and with great precision.

Mark Foskett

Business Development Director

As Business Development Director, Mark has extensive knowledge of everything from estimating to sales.

Becky Webb

Financial Controller

Keeping hold of the purse strings and ensuring our finances are all in check is no easy task, especially with such a fast-growing business. But it’s what makes Becky our hidden asset as she balances the books, reigns in our expenditures and keeps us in the black.

Gabe Cooney

Managing Director - Marketlayer

In the dynamic world of digital marketing innovation, Gabe stands as the cornerstone of Marketlayer’s success. As the Managing Director of Marketlayer, he doesn’t just lead; he orchestrates, inspires, and propels our email marketing team towards excellence with an unwavering commitment to innovation. His open-door policy isn’t just a formality; it’s a testament to his genuine care and belief in fostering a culture of collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie.

Dean Murray

Studio Manager

Dean certainly knows how to make a good impression on his team, colleagues and customers. It’s no wonder he has been with the business since it first opened its doors in 2007. Dean’s a lot more than a dab hand at managing our print studio and ensuring his team delivers our promised quality time and time again.

Caroline Varley

Commercial Director

As Commercial Director, Caroline sources and procures all our trusted print, post and mailing services.

Freddie Fifield

Front-end developer

What truly sets Freddie apart is he doesn’t just write code; he crafts digital experiences that captivate, engage, and delight. His proficiency in front-end development languages and frameworks allows him to breathe life into our projects. In a world where every second counts, he transforms chaos into order, deadlines into milestones, and aspirations into achievements. His ability to streamline workflows and synchronise efforts ensures that our email marketing at Marketlayer operates like a well-oiled machine.

Jo Dean

Senior Account Manager

Jo hit the ground running from the moment she joined EDWPS, with an extensive background in the print industry. There’s no stopping her or slowing down the pace as she delivers proofs, turns quotes around and orders all-important materials.

Nick Ashmore

Senior Account Manager

When Nick isn’t spoiling us with his baked delights, he’s sorting out the next international job to land on customers’ doorsteps and making quoting look like a piece of cake. Postage, scheduling jobs across time zones, planning and buying are all key skills in Nick’s knowledge bank that help deliver the goods we promise.

Hannah Wright

Digital Strategist

Hannah, our globetrotting guru of Digital Marketing, brings a dynamic blend of strategy and innovation to the table. Whether she’s analysing market trends or brainstorming creative solutions, Hannah’s commitment to delivering top-notch marketing strategies remains unwavering. She’s not just a digital marketer; she’s a boundary-pushing innovator in the world of marketing.

Jordan King

Business Development Manager

Jordan is no stranger to lending a helping hand, as a specialist in Print, Direct Mail & Postage having over 8 years’ experience in the industry. He knows how to deliver cost effective direct marketing campaigns that encourage customer engagement and interactions. Keenly aware that every penny counts, he’ll do everything he can to ensure mailpacks are created to take advantage of any and all possible savings.

Richard Male

Charity Consultant

With an impressive background spanning 17 years in the charity print and direct mail industry, Richard brings a wealth of experience to share with our clients. Particularly his keen understanding of VAT intricacies for the charity and not-for-profit sectors.

Iswor Lal Shrestha

Back-end Developer

Armed with extensive experience in PHP and a deep understanding of the Laravel framework, Iswor doesn’t just build websites; he sculpts digital landscapes that captivate and engage users, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in web development. His analytical mindset and keen attention to detail enable him to unravel even the most intricate technical challenges, delivering elegant solutions that exceed expectations every time.

Simon Scott

Postal Services Manager

Simon gets our seal of approval as our in-house mail sortation and postage expert. In fact, what he doesn’t know about the subject could be written on the back of a postage stamp. Whether you need guidance with door drops or are looking for a way to access postal incentives for the first time, it’s all part and parcel of Simon’s expertise.

Nahin Khan

Data Specialist & Graphic Designer

Nahin has a knack for understanding and anticipating the needs of our customers. He doesn’t just crunch numbers; he deciphers stories hidden within datasets, unlocking invaluable insights that shape strategic decisions and drive business growth. Nahin’s talent extends far beyond just data with a keen eye for aesthetics and a flair for innovation, he brings a portfolio brimming with designs that breathe life into ideas and transform concepts into realities.

Jake Beardsley

Production Manager

The print industry is in Jake’s blood, having learnt all about it from his father. With his quick wit and industry know-how, Jake leads his production team from the front. He ensures production works like a well-oiled cog, with each member fully confident and trained on all machinery.

Gabby Solarek

Account Manager

Not one to shy away from rolling up her sleeves and getting stuck in, Gabby started running machines and hand-filling mailpacks on the shop floor before seizing the opportunity to learn the other side of the business as a junior account executive. Her eye for detail and production know-how is serving her well in the role.

Charlie Speaight

Digital Marketing Manager

Charlie’s creative flair shows through in her graphic design and marketing, and she has our SEO down to a fine art. No stranger to thinking outside the box, Charlie confidently delivers the optimised content and marketing collateral that makes us look good and gets our messages out there.

This is just a snapshot of the amazing Eight Group team!
If you want to get in touch with any of our team members, feel free to reach out. We’re always here to lend a hand!

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