Delivery Paperwork

All delivery notes must be in clear, concise English stating the following:

  • PO Number
  • Description of goods
  • Quantity of pallets
  • Quantity on Pallets
  • Total Quantity

Please note failure of the above may result in the goods being refused by our warehouse.

All deliveries are signed for as “Unchecked”.
Therefore, we cannot accept responsibility for under/over or incorrect deliveries.All stock is booked in at the quantity stated on the paperwork accompanying the goods.

Material Presentation

The following information is used to make the production department run as efficiently as possible. Should you be unable to meet any of the following requirements, please contact Eight Group or your customer to verify before delivery if in doubt. We may take photos for proof of any delivery queries.


  • Under no circumstances should pallets on delivery be mixed with different jobs.
  • All pallets must contain one job.
  • If pallets are mixed, we will unload the goods and charge to split the pallets down.
  • The Charge for this is £25 per pallet and will be charged directly to the customer.
  • Damaged pallets and/or poorly presented pallets/stock will be refused.
  • Any poorly presented pallets may be rejected.
  • The height of the pallets from the ground to the top of a stacked pallet must not exceed 1150mm.
  • Any pallets that do not meet the specifications may be rejected.

Important pallet specification information

Failure to comply with the pallet specifications may lead to additional costs, these will be charged at a per thousand rate.

  • All pallets must have a minimum of two pallet tickets.
  • Ideally, when the pallet is loaded, the pallet label should face out to easily identify the product.
  • Cardboard corners should be used to protect items where necessary.
  • All pallets must be pallet wrapped with clear wrap.
  • If the pallet contains bundles, the qty of bundles should be stated on the pallet ticket.
  • If pallet layers are required, these must be single-leaf cardboard only and not wooden.

Book/Magazines/catalogues & items stitched greater than 4pp

  • At the Maximum books/magazines/catalogues should be single-strapped.
  • Paper strapping is preferred if required.
  • Ideally, all books should not be strapped.
  • Cross strapping or Shrink Wrapping is NOT accepted.

All books/magazines/catalogues MUST have the minimum amount of turns possible – i.e. a bundle of 50 books should only be turned ONCE with books facing 25 in each direction. The minimum number of magazines/books in 1 turn must be no less than 20.

Any Books/ Magazines/ Catalogues that have more than 1 turn or less than 20 items in a turn without a prior discussion will be rejected or will be subject to additional charges on commencement of production.

Inserts/3rd Party items/ 2pp Carriers

All items must be boxed; they should all face the same direction in the box – no turns. Each Box should be marked up / labelled with the insert description and quantity.

If the above is not adhered to there will be additional charges incurred for Eight Group to rectify.
Any doubts about the stock presentation should be verified directly with Eight Group.

Stock to be personalised

Litho printed material for Eight Group to personalise should be delivered in either of the following ways.

  • Boxed with all sheets facing the same way up
  • Palletised, with cardboard corners, strapped to the pallet and shrink-wrapped, with all stock facing the same way up on the pallet.

It is recommended that we receive samples prior to production to ensure the material is fit for print production by Eight Group.

Delivery Vehicles & Drivers

  • All drivers MUST pull into the car park.
  • We will not unload any lorries that park on the road due to the health and safety of driving over a public pedestrian pavement.
  • All drivers must ring the bell located to the right of the large shutter door and MUST NOT enter the premises until authorised by a member of the Eight Group team.


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